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An email template collection to call your own

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Tips for using our newsletter, postcard and note templates

A lot of you, I imagine, are probably like me: creative folks without formal design training, but a sharp eye for what looks good; protectors of your brand's image because you get why it's crucial; and professional multi-taskers who don't have time for games.

Enter our email templates, which speak my love languages of beauty, efficiency and control. At first glance, the gallery is a bunch of email eye candy you can use right out of the box – and don't get me wrong, that's super useful for the stylish gal on the go. But the real trick is to remember that you're the one now in the driver's seat (or the designer's seat, as it were).

Each template collection includes a newsletter, postcard and note.

Take a closer look, and you'll see that many of our templates let you upload your own logo, customize the colors and add your brand's tagline – and that's on top of the inherent flexibility of the drag & drop content editor. 

And if you're serious about promoting your brand and starting a conversation with customers, you probably send more than one kind of email mailing.

So with that in mind, our designers fleshed out each template as a full collection, or a trio of templates that are variations on one solid design concept, but fit for different kinds of messaging:

  • The newsletter is the flagship design, and it defines the attitude, scope and aesthetic of your email strategy.
  • The postcard is a simplified design, intended to bracket a single message and promote it with laser-like focus.
  • The note is stripped down almost entirely; subtle hints of design keep it visually consistent, but more than anything, the design gets out of the way to make room for what you're saying.

Let's take a look at one of my favorite collections, Helsinki, to see this structure in action.


First, we have the newsletter template, which comes stock with a yellow banner, editable image spot and editable text in the header. It also includes pre-set, pre-styled content areas to match the look of the template, but you can move those around, delete them or add more if you'd like.

On the left, check out one idea for the newsletter using the default style options.

Now, let's peek at two other versions to see what this template might look like with different style customizations and content configurations.

I've wiped out the standard content blocks and replaced them with a trio of graphics and captions. It lends the newsletter a whole new look, don't you think?


Below, I went back to a sidebar-and-main-well combo. This time, the sidebar is on the left and has a sectional background color that complements the design.


Turning our attention to the postcard template, we have three variations here using different color combinations, styles and purposes.

The postcard template comes standard with an image box across the top of the content area, followed by a text box for your text. Here, I've chosen to use the image box in the header area, but removed the one in the body.


In this next version, I used the image box for a black bar that echoes the permanent black bar along the very top of the template.


And in this third version, the accent color is the same gray as the background color – effectively removing those accent spots altogether.


Finally, we have the note template, which simplifies the design down to a thin rule in the accent color, plus an additional color option in the title bar.


For this next note, you'll see that I removed the stock text box in the content area and replaced it with an image-and-text-box combo block, since the note doesn't come with any images built into it.


And my third variation goes back to just text in the body, though I did add some dividers above and below for a little extra color.


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