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8 ways the drag & drop editor can take your mailing from good to great

We're on a design mission to build a lovelier world. One email template at a time. And now we need your help, email creators everywhere. Ready to take on the challenge? It's all about creating swoon-worthy, traffic-stopping emails that look great in every inbox. Follow these eight steps, and you're well on your way.

1. Customize a template with your brand colors

Choose a template from the template gallery, and explore the color areas from header to footer – and see how dashing the Adam West template looks in many hues.

Choose any of these templates to add in your logo: Adam West, City Block, Galley Proof, Helsinki, Juniper Ridge, Pushpin, Ray Bradbury, Skinny Tie, Tobacco Road, Toronto or West Side Story

2. Get images from Flickr or Facebook

Click on an image placeholder and then link to your account to browse your photos and choose the best to suit your mailing.

3. Touch up or transform your photos

Upload an image, then click Edit this image. Browse the effects for dreamy insta-filters like San Carmen, Indiglow, Laguna and Ventura. Fix the pesky red-eye in your otherwise perfect group shot. Learn more about the image editor.

4. Arrange your photos in a mini gallery

Drag an image block to your mailing, then click the yellow Options menu. In the pop-up menu, click Settings and increase the image count. Turn on image captions here, too. Your images will automatically re-size to match up in size, depending on how many you add to each row. Pretty nifty, 'eh?

5. Use pre-set text styles to polish your content

Once you’ve entered some text, click the Style-Set dropdown (next to the font name on the formatting toolbar). It says Paragraph by default. Choose Header 1 to style the titles and subtitles throughout your mailing. Each template has styles made to match, and they automatically update when you switch templates.

6. Send a test email to your coworkers, but skip the “I’m about to send a test email to you” email

Click Send Test, then add a note and send to any 25 addresses for free. We’ll add a panic-preventing TEST label to the subject line automatically.

7. Add a sidebar, and give it some style

Click Columns to choose your sidebar layout. Then click Sidebar to add a shaded background or a border between your columns.

8. Try the postcard and note variations in a template collection

Open the template gallery and click one of the previews to see all three coordinating templates. Shorter messages will stand out with the minimized header in the note layout. And the postcard layout enages your audience when you've got a special announcement or invitation.

How will you use the new editor to add pizzazz to your emails? Share your ideas with us over on Twitter and Facebook – we'd love to chat.

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